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Casco Service

Casco Industries specially trained factory certified technicians are here to help YOU. From emergency repairs to scheduled contracts our skilled professionals will diagnose, service, and calibrate your lifesaving equipment ensuring it is there when you need it most.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

  • Our 6 Factory Certified Technicians Combine for OVER 60 Years of Experience.

  • 24 Hour Mobile Service Units

  • Over 1 Million Dollars of Inventory

  • Contracts Available on all Provided Services


OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 AND ANSI/CGA 6-7.1 specify that your breathing air compressor be maintained per manufacturers recommendations. We offer annual and semi-annual oil and filter changes on all makes of breathing compressors. Service contracts are available for this service.



NFPA 1852 Requires annual flow testing of your self-contained breathing apparatus. Our factory trained and certified service technicians will inspect your regulators, face pieces and air cylinders as well as flow test and adjust your department's SCBA. All repairs can be completed at your fire station at the time of testing. This will eliminate costly downtime and labor costs. The customer is also provided with complete documentation for the work done on your apparatus. Service contracts are available for this service.


Casco Industries offers a full range of custom breathing air installations. Custom breathing air panels, apparatus truck systems, and D.O.T. cascade's are several examples of the many custom applications that can be performed. These custom jobs can be done in your firehouse or our service shops.


Required annually per OSHA 1910.134. Fit testing performed on OHD Quantifit test machine. Documentation provided at time of service. Service contracts are available for this service.


Required quarterly by NFPA 1500, NFPA 1404 and ANSI/CGA G-7.1. We will come out to your firehouse and take an air sample. Documentation of a successful air test is then sent to your fire department. Service contracts are available for this service.

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