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This is a set of 3 straps to be used for a 100 ft. Cleveland hose lay.  This is designed to be connected to and laid on top of a 100ft lenght of pre-attached hose in your cross lay or hose bed.  When making up the Cleveland lay for a cross lay or hose bed, it should be the lenght of your pre-connect.  Pull the hose bundle out and put over your shoulder, as you walk you will pull the remainder of the 100 feet of hose from the hose bed until it is fully deployed.  Drop the hose lay and follow the direction on the YouTube link for charging the hose .  The 3 straps are made with 2" Delrin® side release buckles that are easily released with your glove on.  There is a looped end for cinching up.  This set allows one person to easily deploy up to 200 feet of hose.  Each strap has an adjustable circumference range of 4"-27". The straps are available in royal blue and weigh 16 oz.

R&B Fab M/S-CHLS Cleveland Straps

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