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Firefighters work in the harshest environments, and need gear that provide protection and comfort so they can focus on saving lives.


These include exposure to many hazards like smoke and soot particulate which are highly toxic carcinogens and can be absorbed through the skin.


The KL200 particulate blocking hood provides additional protection against smoke and soot particulate with outstanding breathability, increased air permeability and a unique construction for ease of movement and flexibility. This hood minimizes heat stress while reducing exposure to particulates, providing additional protection for firefighters.


  • 2 Layer Construction
  • Outer Layer: 49%Kermel/49%Lenzing FR/2%Spandex
  • Inner Layer: Steadfast Stedair Prevent
  • Fabric: Rib Knit
  • TPP As Received: 29.6
  • TPP After 5 Wash/Dry: 36.9
  • Full size hood
  • Long bib design
  • Flatlock stitching: Creates smooth seams next to skin and under helmet straps
  • EasySeal™ face opening-for easy donning and doffing
  • Labels sewn in all 4 sides
  • Certified to NFPA1971-2018

Lifeliners Particulate Blocking Hood

SKU: KL200

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