MSA G1 SCBA Rechargeable Batteries - the first NIOSH approved and NFPA compliant SCBA rechargeable battery.

The MSA G1 SCBA Rechargable Battery eliminates the need for disposable replacement batteries. The portable and compact rapid charger can charge up to six batteries at once and batteries can reach a full charge in just 6 hours.

With the MSA G1 Rechargable Battery:

  • Never open the battery compartment
  • Never throw away money on disposable batteries
  • Never waste time on Alkaline battery replacement

The Latest in Technology:

  • Central Power System for all Electronics
  • Single source powers the entire SCBA 
  • Light weight rechargeable battery option
  • No need for multiple battery sizes in multiple location
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Rapid Charging with available smart charger

MSA G1 SCBA Rechargeable Battery

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