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  • Double Sided with either 6 - 24" Compartments, 8 - 18" Compartments, 10 - 14" Compartments, 12 - 12" Compartments
  • Four heavy duty casters
  • Full-length grid dividers to separate sections
  • Adjustable apparel hooks
  • Label holder
  • Hanging Pole to run the length of the unit.


Ready Rack® components are manufactured with a durable, heavy-duty zinc chromate finish and protected with a special clear-coat sealer. All units are supplied with two levels of open wire shelving. Full length grid dividers separate individual sections between top and bottom shelf levels and provide a 4″ tall divider on the top shelf level. Grid dividers are also supplied for ends of the unit. Each individual section is supplied with two hanging apparel hooks, one snap on plastic name plate, and a hanging pole that runs the length of the unit.

Model #Description
MDS-6Six sections – 24″ per section
MDS-8Eight sections – 18″ per section
MDS-10Ten sections – 14″ per section
MDS-12Twelve sections – 12″ per section

Mobile Ready Rack – Double Sided


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