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Core 7.5 NFPA Descender (8" M2E Lanyard)


The CORE is a lightweight, easy to use Escape Class Descent Control Device as specified by NFPA 1983:2017. An eight (8") NFPA Multi-to-End Lanyard is included to connected the descender to an attachment point.


The CORE is designed to be used as an Escape Descent Control Device as specified by NFPA 1983-2017. The device is for use with 7.5mm escape ropes certified to NFPA 1983-2017, such as FireTech or TSAFE. The CORE is perfect for firefighter bailout. It excels with its easy horizontal travel and is virtually impossible to hang up on a window sill. The lever action will automatically stop the descent when released. Its slim design makes it easy to store with any of our bailout systems. It marries well with the Talon Hook for a slim profile and easy deployment.

The CORE is a solid aluminum bar with three holes and a lever action. Its function depends upon the friction gained by the rope going in and out of the holes and the pressure applied by the lever-action against the rope.
To load rope in the device, weave the rope through all holes, the first being the solo hole away from the lever. Then it should be weaved through any of the remaining two holes and back through the last hole.
Make sure to knot the end of the rope with a figure 8 or similar knot. This is to prevent unintentionally running the end of the rope through the Core during a rappel. Please refer to the threading diagram at the end of these instructions and as shown on the device.
Attach the device to your harness with an NFPA carabiner and lanyard attached through the slot on the bottom of the device.

Fire Innovations Core 7.5 NFPA Descender

SKU: 1108-0010.108
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