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The FoxFury Breakthrough® BT2 Intrinsically Safe Hybrid Light features a 200 lumen UltraReach beam and is designed for use in hazardous locations. This intrinsically safe search tool has a UL913 rating, Class I, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC T5 and IECEx rating: Ex ia IIC T5 Ga. Compact 2 degree beam outperforms most box light and high powered flashlights.

  • Ultra Reach Beam
  • The Breakthrough® BT2-IS Intrinsic Black Hybrid Light is a durable and versatile lighting tool. Powered by (4) AA batteries, the far reaching 200 lumen beam aids with searches and inspections - out-performing most box lights. The BT’s focused beam helps the user to see better & respond faster, especially in thick smoke and fog.
  • Durability

The Breakthrough® BT2-IS is engineered with extra thick walls, making it impact and heat resistant.

Breakthrough® BT2-IS Intrinsic Black Hybrid Right Angle Light

SKU: 380-FF01-BT2-BL

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