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  • Maximize your lighting options with the Stretch series of LED Light Bars. Choose the length of light bar your installation requires, then pick either a single or double tier of SHO-OFF LEDs for the intensity you desire.
  • Four basic lengths (27" 37", 47" and 57") are suitable for a wide variety of vehicles. Additional lengths ranging in 10" increments from 67" to 97" accommodate large vehicles.
  • Exceptionally bright 3W LEDs with reflectors provide highly visible, wide-angle light even in bright sunlight.
  • Individual modules containing (6) 3W SHO-OFF® LEDS are available in standard warning colors: amber, blue, green, red and white. The modules can be grouped into custom arrangements according to your specifications.
  • Basic models have a standard flasher with fifteen selectable patterns.
  • On basic double tier models, the deluxe flasher enables both tiers to operate simultaneously or each tier to operate independently. Arrow patterns can continue operating while the remaining LEDs function in the selected pattern.
  • Customize any length light bar with optional features (available for an additional charge).
  • Optional take-down and alley lights improve operator and public safety.
  • Optional Stop / Tail / Turn feature coordinates light bar and vehicle functions.
  • Optional LED Signal Stick function provides four arrow patterns to improve traffic control: left arrow, right arrow, center out and random.
  • The low-profile, UV-resistant, polycarbon dome is aerodynamically designed to improve fuel efficiency.
  • A heavy-duty extruded aluminum base provides a rigid structure that won't warp or bend. A clear anodized coating covers the aluminum to inhibit corrosion.
  • Each SHO-OFF® Stretch Bar includes a single or double tier of 3W LED modules, mounting kit, standard adapter brackets and a 15' hardwire cable.
  • Specify driver- or passenger-side cable exit.
  • Low-Profile Stretch Bars are also available with Luminator LEDs and with Standard LEDs.
  • 12V standard / 5 year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A

12 Series SHO-OFF® LED Low-Profile Stretch Light Bars

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