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Elkhart RAM Monitor W/ADJ Nozzle (ELK-08296711) - $2,800.00

�� Easily deployed and operated by a single firefighter
�� Patent pending hydraulic stability system harnesses reaction force to stabilize the monitor
�� Four fold-out forged aluminum legs with carbide-tipped ground spikes extend to the largest
footprint in its class for exceptional stability
�� Rear ground spikes are angled to help carbide tips grip the surface
�� Lock pin holds valve in a closed position to prevent accidental opening, allowing the R.A.M.
to be carried attached to a charged line
�� Patent pending design lowers friction loss and produces consistent stream quality in all
ranges of motion
�� Can be stored pre-connected
�� Ergonomic U-shaped valve handle
�� Attached safety strap includes storage pouch