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Shelby 5285 Kevlar / Cowhide Gauntlet Glove (SHE-5285) - $117.99

Shelby took all the elements in a glove that affect performance and dexterity, and re-engineered them. Durable wash & wear Koala� tanned leather was chosen for the palm for soft, flexible abrasion resistance. The highly engineered Insular textile construction for the back of the hand, provides thermal and flame resistance with increased pliability for added range of hand and finger motion. The total combination results in a glove with the ultimate in protection and dexterity.

This is the only knit back NFPA 1971, 2013 Edition certified glove on the market with 3 layers of Kevlar� protection! Once again, Shelby is "Leading the field" in firefighter hand protection and it��s made in the USA!

Outer Shell: Glove back of highly flexible dual stretch 10.25 oz. Simplex� 100% Kevlar with
atmospheric open width. Upper back and Palm is Heavy Weight Fire Retardant, 3.5 to 4.0 oz.,
Koala� Tanned Cowhide. This tanned leather will remain soft after repeated soakings.
Thermal Spacer: 8.5 oz. Insular Kevlar/Nomex air locking spacer (back of hand only). Fabric is
vellecular structure with an 18 CPI stitch count. Another thermal protection layer extends
from glove back seam to approximately ��� down from finger crotches and also applied to
fingers and thumb back.
Protective Barrier: Gore Crosstech Film Technology Insert laminated to thermal lining. This
one piece system shall mirror the outer shell. The liner and barrier system is individually
graded and produced in as many sizes as glove sizes. All Fingers and thumb (topside) have
attachment tabs for permanent liner/barrier attachment. Additional thermal protection
layers are on fingers and thumb back (mentioned above). G-BLOC wrist blocking is applied to
the glove liner/barrier system at precisely the same areas as the outer shell.
Finger Tip Backs: 3M Scotchlite�� Reflective Material in Silver color with Flame Resistant
Fabric. Fabric is bonded to expose retro-reflective lenses with backing. RA values are 330
and 250 at Observation Angles of 0.2� and 0.33� respectively.
Wristlet: Nomex 10.5 oz. per yard, Double ply, 4�� length. #5285 has no wristlet.
Wrist Pull: 3�� x 3 ��� Round Leather Pull, Sewn to Wristlet & Glove Body.
Thread: High burst Strength Kevlar (30/5) lock stitch, 8-10 stitches per inch
Hanger Loop: ��� fire retardant, Split Cowhide, Hanger Loop
Label: Label shall be permanently attached to each glove and certifies the glove meets or
exceeds the requirements of the latest NFPA standards (1971, Standard on Protective
Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting 2013 Edition). Label shall be durable and include the
following information; name or designation of manufacture; model; name or style number;
lot or serial number; size; date of certification tests; patent numbers; cleaning and care
instructions. Label to be sewn to inside of glove. Glove is constructed, tested and labeled in
accordance with the NFPA Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting, NFPA
1971-2013 Edition. The glove is certified by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)

Design & Construction:
Glove shall be a gunn cut pattern with wrap around index finger and
wing thumb. The highly flexible Simplex Kevlar back improves hand flexibility and relays
more comfortable seams. The combined moisture barrier and thermal liner is sewn in at the
fingertips and wrist areas. The highly insular Kevlar/Nomex air spacer is applied to the back
of the glove to improve thermal values where they are needed most. Additional thermal
protection layers extend on back of hand, fingers, and thumb. Fingertip backs are exposed
retro-reflective 3M Scotchlite��. The glove body shall extend 2�� above the wrist crease.