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Crestar SF200 Select Flow Nozzle (CRE-SF200) - $615.00

GPM: 95-125-150-200

Select Flow Nozzle
* Selectable gallonage nozzle with multiple flow settings
* Stainless steel spinning teeth
* Stainless steel ball enables ball shut off handle to work smoothly at extreme ranges
* Straight stream to wide fog and flush without shutting down
* Permanent anodized indicator bands
* Metal Horseshoe handle
* Multiple pattern detents for positive positioning
* Female inlet swivel with strainer
* Wide fog for maximum operator protection
* 100 PSI (7.0 BAR) standard, optional 75 PSI (5 BAR) see page 5
* NFPA 1964 compliant
* All nozzles include pistol grip
Inlet Size: