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Foxfury Breakthrough BT2 LED Right Angle Flashlight (FF-380-BT2) - $226.99

Compact right angle LED spotlight with superior smoke cutting ability. The yellow BT2 utilizes FoxFury SMO-KUT technology, which enables it to deliver a far reaching 200 lumen, 2 degree beam that outperforms most box lights and high powered flashlights.
From illuminating street addresses to long range inspections to locating persons or property, the BT2��s focused beam helps the user to better see & respond faster��especially in thick smoke and fog.
This AA battery powered light clips to gear via the stainless steel clip or carabiner for hands-free use. The extra thick walls of the BT2 provide increased heat and impact resistance (survives 2-story fall). A rechargeable yellow BT2 model is also available.

2 lights in 1: box light performance in right angle light body
The BT looks is a right angle flashlight that performs (cuts through smoke) like a box light. It therefore does the job of 2 lights in . As an added bonus, you��ll have the option to have two free hands in order to get work done.

SMO-KUT technology to cut through smoke
Smoke is the enemy of lights. The thicker it is, the more challenging it is to pierce. For a light to slice through smoke, you need a lot of light and it needs to be very focused. FoxFury's SMO-KUT technology provides smoke cutting ability thanks to a powerful and focused LED and deep reflector. The 200 lumen, 2 degree beam of the BT2 excels at penetrating smoke and fog.

Built to last
The BT is engineered with extra thick walls, which makes the light extremely resistant to heat and impact. It can survive a two story fall and use in structural firefighting.

Easy to grip��even with thick gloves
Firefighter (and other safety) gloves are thick and can greatly restrict gripping ability. The BT is designed with a reinforced grip handle so that the light can be gripped and activated by a user wearing thick gloves.

High visibility yellow exterior
The yellow and red exterior is easy to locate on a turnout coat or on a shelf.

Black exterior for tactical purposes
Some users or applications prefer a more covert body color��or just like the color black.

Breakthrough wedge included
In firefighting, seconds count and little obstacles can become big problems without the right tools. Current BT lights come with a Breakthrough wedge to keep doors open. It is our hope that this tool is of use to you. The wedge snaps in to BT lights. Additional wedges are available as a separate accessory.

Bottle opener
Yes, a bottle opener. No real reason other than that it's one more tool we could add. Some of us are fans of soda in a bottle. If you are too, you can use the bottle opener on the back to open a cold one. We're serious about safety and hope that this feature is used responsibly. We obviously don't condone drinkng while on the job.

Rechargeable battery kit
Some users prefer to use rechargeable batteries. The BT rechargeable kit comes with a docking station, rechargeable battery pack and AC adaptor. Depending on your use, this option may be more convenient as it could save you money and give you peace of mind. Multiple docking stations can be connected by snapping them together.